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NIPS'1997 Volume 10 : Table of Contents
Michael Jordan, Michael Kearns, Sara Solla (eds), MIT Press (1998)
i Title Pages
v Table of Contents
xiii Preface
xv NIPS Committees
xvii Reviewers

Part I Cognitive Science

0003 Synchronized Auditory and Cognitive 40 Hz Attentional Streams, and the Impact of Rhythmic Expectation on Auditory Scene Analysis,
Bill Baird
0010 On Parallel versus Serial Processing: A Computational Study of Visual Search,
Eyal Cohen and Eytan Ruppin
0017 Task and Spatial Frequency Effects on Face Specialization,
Matthew N. Dailey and Garrison W. Cottrell
0024 Neural Basis of Object-Centered Representations,
Sophie Deneve and Alexandre Pouget
0031 A Neural Network Model of Naive Preference and Filial Imprinting in the Domestic Chick,
Lucy E. Hadden
0038 Adaptation in Speech Motor Control,
John F. Houde and Michael I. Jordan
0045 Learning Human-like Knowledge by Singular Value Decomposition.' A Progress Report,
Thomas K. Landauer, Darrell Laham and Peter Foltz
0052 Multi-modular Associative Memory,
Nit Levy, David Horn and Eytan Ruppin
0059 Serial Order in Reading Aloud: Connectionist Models and Neighborhood Structure,
Jeanne C. Milostan and Garrison W. Cottrell
0066 A Superadditive-Impairment Theory of Optic Aphasia,
Michael C. Mozer, Mark Sitton and Martha Farah
0073 A Hippocampal Model of Recognition Memory,
Randall C. O'Reilly, Kenneth A. Norman and James L. McClelland
0080 Correlates of Attention in a Model of Dynamic Visual Recognition,
Rajesh P. N. Rao
0087 Recurrent Neural Networks Can Learn to Implement Symbol-Sensitive Counting,
Paul Rodriguez and Janet Wiles
0094 Comparison of Human and Machine Word Recognition,
Markus Schenkel, Cyril Latimer and Marwan Jabri

Part II Neuroscience

0103 Coding of Naturalistic Stimuli by Auditory Midbrain Neurons,
Hagai Attias and Christoph E. Schreiner
0110 Refractoriness and Neural Precision,
Michael J. Berry II and Markus Meister
0117 Statistical Models of Conditioning,
Peter Dayan and Theresa Long
0124 Characterizing Neurons in the Primary Auditory Cortex of the Awake Primate Using Reverse Correlation,
R. Christopher deCharms and Michael M. Mer-zenich
0131 Using Helmholtz Machines to Analyze Multi-channel Neuronal Recordings,
Virginia R. de Sa, R. Christopher deCharms and Michael M. Merzenich
0138 Instabilities in Eye Movement Control: A Model of Periodic Alternating Nystagmus,
Ernst R. Dow and Thomas J. Anastasio
0145 Hippocampal Model of Rat Spatial Abilities Using Temporal Difference Learning,
David J. Foster, Richard G. M. Morris and Peter Dayan
0152 Gradients for Retinotectal Mapping,
Geoffrey J. Goodhill
0159 A Mathematical Model of Axon Guidance by Diffusible Factors,
Geoffrey J. Goodhill
0166 Computing with Action Potentials (Invited Talk),
John J. Hopfield, Carlos D. Brody and Sam Roweis
0173 A Model of Early Visual Processing,
Laurent Itti, Jochen Braun, Dale K. Lee and Christof Koch
0180 Perturbative M-Sequences for Auditory Systems Identification,
Maxk Kvale and Christoph E. Schreiner
0187 Effects of Spike Timing Underlying Binocular Integration and Rivalry in a Neural Model of Early Visual Cortex,
Erik D. Lumer
0194 Dynamic Stochastic Synapses as Computational Units,
Wolfgang Maass and Anthony M. Zador
0201 Synaptic Transmission: An Information-Theoretic Perspective,
Amit Manwani and Christof Koch
0208 Toward a Single-Cell Account for Binocular Disparity Tuning: An Energy Model May Be Hiding in Your Dendrites,
Bartlett W. Mel, Daniel L. Ruderman and Kevin A. Archie
0215 Just One View: Invariances in Inferotemporal Cell Tuning,
Maximilian Riesenhuber and Tomaso Poggio
0222 On the Separation of Signals from Neighboring Cells in Tetrode Recordings,
Maneesh Sahani, John S. Pezaris and Richard A. Andersen
0229 Independent Component Analysis for Identification of Artifacts in MagnetoencephaIographic Recordings,
Ricardo firio, Veikko Jousmfiki, Matti H'fi. mfil'ninen, Riitta Hari and Erkki Oja
0236 Modeling Complex Cells in an Awake Macaque during Natural Image Viewing,
William E. Vinje and Jack L. Gallant

Part III Theory

0245 The Canonical Distortion Measure in Feature Space and 1-NN Classification,
Jonathan Baxter and Peter Bartlett
0252 Multiple Threshold Neural Logic,
Vasken Bohossian and Jehoshua Brock
0259 Generalization in Decision Trees and DNF: Does Size Matter?
Mostefa Golea, Peter Bartlett, Wee Sun Lee and Llew Mason
0266 Selecting Weighting Factors in Logarithmic Opinion Pools,
Tom Heskes
0273 New Approximations of Differential Entropy for Independent Component Analysis and Projection Pursuit,
Aapo Hyv'firinen
0280 Boltzmann Machine Learning Using Mean Field Theory and Linear Response Correction,
Hilbert J. Kappen and F. B. Rodriguez
0287 Relative Loss Bounds for Multidimensional Regression Problems,
Jyrki Kivinen and Manfred K. Warmuth
0294 Asymptotic Theory for Regularization: One-Dimensional Linear Case,
Petri Koistinen
0301 Two Approaches to Optimal Annealing,
Todd K. Leen, Bernhard Schottky and David Saad
0308 Structural Risk Minimization for Nonparametric Time Series Prediction,
Ron Meir
0315 Analytical Study of the Interplay between Architecture and Predictability,
Avner Priel, Ido Kanter and David A. Kessler
0322 Globally Optimal On-line Learning Rules,
Magnus Rattray and David Saad
0329 Minimax and Hamiltonian Dynamics of Excitatory-Inhibitory Networks,
H. Sebastian Seung, Tom J. Richardson, Jeffrey C. Lagarias and John J. Hopfield
0336 Data-Dependent Structural Risk Minimization for Perceptron Decision Trees,
John Shawe-qnaylor and Nello Cristianini
0343 From Regularization Operators to Support Vector Kernels,
Alex J. Smola and Bernhard Schoelkopf
0350 The Rectified Gaussian Distribution,
Nicholas D. Socci, Daniel D. Lee and H. Sebastian Seung
0357 On-line Learning from Finite Training Sets in Nonlinear Networks,
Peter Sollich and David Barber
0364 Competitive On-line Linear Regression,
Volodya Vovk
0371 On the Infeasibility of Training Neural Networks with Small Squared Errors,
Van H. Vu
0378 The Storage Capacity of a Fully-Connected Committee Machine,
Yuansheng Xiong, Chulan Kwon and Jong-Hoon Oh
0385 The Efficiency and the Robustness of Natural Gradient Descent Learning Rule,
Howard H. Yang and Shun-ichi Amari

Part IV Algorithms and Architecture

0395 Ensemble Learning for Multi-Layer Networks,
David Barber and Christopher M. Bishop
0402 Radial Basis Functions: A Bayesian Treatment,
David Barber and Bernhard Schottky
0409 Shared Context Probabilistic Transducers,
Yoshua Bengio, Samy Bengio, Jean-Franqois Isabelle and Yoram Singer
0416 Approximating Posterior Distributions in Belief Networks Using Mixtures,
Christopher M. Bishop, Nell Lawrence, Tommi Jaakkola and Michael I. Jordan
0423 Receptive Field Formation in Natural Scene Environments: Comparison of Single Cell Learning Rules,
Brian S. Blais, Nathan Intrator, Harel Shouval and Leon N. Cooper
0430 An Annealed Self-Organizing Map for Source Channel Coding,
Matthias Burger, Thore Graepel and Klaus Obermayer
0437 Incorporating Test Inputs into Learning,
Zehra Cataltepe and Malik Magdon-Isrnail
0444 On Efficient Heuristic Ranking of Hypotheses,
Steve Chien, Andre Stechert and Darren Mutz
0451 Learning to Order Things,
Wiliam W. Cohen, Robert E. Schapire and Yoram Singer
0458 Regularisation in Sequential Learning Algorithms,
Joao F. G. de Freitas, Mahesan Niranjan and Andrew H. Gee
0465 Agnostic Classification of Markovian Sequences,
Ran E1-Yaniv, Shai Fine and Naftali Tlshby
0472 Ensemble and ModularApproaches for Face Detection: A Comparison,
Raphael Feraud and Olivier Bernier
0479 A Revolution: Belief Propagation in Graphs with Cycles,
Brendan J. Frey and David J. C. MacKay
0486 Hierarchical Non-linear Factor Analysis and Topographic Maps,
Zoubin Ghahramani and Geoffrey E. Hinton
0493 Regression with Input-dependent Noise: A Gaussian Process Treatment,
Paul W. Goldberg, Christopher K. I. Williams and Christopher M. Bishop
0500 Linear Concepts and Hidden Variables: An Empirical Study,
Adam J. Grove and Dan Roth
0507 Classification by Pairwise Coupling,
Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani
0514 Unsupervised On-line Learning of Decision Trees for Hierarchical Data Analysis,
Marcus Held and Joachim M. Buhmann
0521 Nonlinear Markov Networks for Continuous Variables,
Reimar Hofmann and Volker Tresp
0528 Active Data Clustering,
Thomas Hofmann and Joachim M. Buhnmnn
0535 Function Approximation with the Sweeping Hinge Algorithm,
Don R. Hush, Fernando Lozano and Bill Home
0542 The Error Coding and Substitution PaCTs,
Gareth James and Trevor Hastie
0549 S-Map: A Network with a Simple Self-Organization Algorithm for Generarive Topographic Mappings,
Kimmo Kiviluoto and Erkki Oja
0556 Learning Nonlinear Overcomplete Representations for Efficient Coding,
Michael S. Lewicki and Terrence J. Sejnowski
0563 Factorizing Multivariate Function Classes,
Juan K. Lin
0570 A Framework for Multiple-Instance Learning,
Oded Maron and Tonaris Lozano-Perez
0577 An Application of Reversible-Jump MCMC to Multivariate Spherical Gaussian Mixtures,
Alan D. Marts
0584 Estimating Dependency Structure as a Hidden Variable,
Marina Meila and Michael I. Jordan
0591 Combining Classifiers Using Correspondence Analysis,
Christopher J. Merz
0598 Learning Path Distributions Using Nonequilibrium Diffusion Networks,
Paul Mineiro, Javier Movellan and Ruth J. Williams
0605 Learning Generarive Models with the Up-Propagation Algorithm,
Jong-Hoon Oh and H. Sebastian Seung
0612 An Incremental Nearest Neighbor Algorithm with Queries,
Joel Ratsaby
0619 RCC Cannot Compute Certain FSA,
Even with Arbitrary Transfer Functions, Mark Ring
0626 EM Algorithms for PCA and SPCA,
Sam Roweis
0633 Local Dimensionality Reduction,
Stefan Schaal, Sethu Vijayakumar and Christopher G. Atkeson
0640 Prior Knowledge in Support Vector Kernels,
Bernhard Sch61kopf, Patrice Simard, Alex J. Smola and Vladimir Vapnik
0647 Training Methods for Adaptive Boosting of Neural Networks,
Holger Schwenk and Yoshua Bengio
0654 Learning Continuous Attractors in Recurrent Networks,
H. Sebastian Seung
0661 Monotonic Networks,
Joseph Sill
0668 Stacked Density Estimation,
Padhraic Smyth and David Wolpert
0675 Bidirectional Retrieval from Associative Memory,
Friedrich T. Sommer and Gunther Palm
0682 Mapping a Manifold of Perceptual Observations,
Joshua B. Tenenbaum
0689 Graph Matching with Hierarchical Discrete Relaxation,
Richard C. Wilson and Edwin R. Hancock
0696 Multiplicative Updating Rule for Blind Separation Derived from the Method of Scoring,
Howard H. Yang

Part V Implementation

0705 A 1,000-Neuron System with One Million 7-bit Physical Interconnections,
Yuzo Hirai
0712 Silicon Retina with Adaptive Filtering Propertie,
Shih-Chii Liu
0719 Analog VLSI Model of lntersegmental Coordination with Nearest-Neighbor Coupling,
Girish N. Patel, Jeremy H. Holleman and Stephen P. DeWeerth
0726 An Analog VLSI Neural Network for Phase-based Machine Vision,
Bertram E. Shi and Kwok Fai Hui

Part VI Speech, Handwriting and Signal Processing

0735 Analysis of Drifting Dynamics with Neural Network Hidden Markov Models,
Jens Kohlmorgen, Klaus-Robert Muller and Klaus Pawelzik
0742 Bayesian Robustification for Audio Visual Fusion,
Javier Movellan and Paul Mineiro
0749 Modeling Acoustic Correlations by Factor Analysis,
Lawrence Saul and Mazin Rahim
0756 Blind Separation of Radio Signals in Fading Channels,
Karl Torkkola
0763 Hybrid NN/HMM-Based Speech Recognition with a Discriminant Neural Feature Extraction,
Daniel Willett and Gerhard Rigoll

Part VII Visual Processing

0773 A Non-Parametric Multi-Scale Statistical Model for Natural Images,
Jeremy S. De Bonet and Paul A. Viola
0780 Recovering Perspective Pose with a Dual Step EM Algorithm,
Andrew D. J. Cross and Edwin R. Hancock
0787 Bayesian Model of Surface Perception,
Wfiliam T. Freeman and Paul A. Viola
0794 Features as Sufficient Statistics,
Davi Geiger, Archisman Rudra and Laurance T. Maloney
0801 Detection of First and Second Order Motion,
Alexander Grunewald and Heiko Neumann
0808 A Simple and Fast Neural Network Approach to Stereovision,
Rolf D. Henkel
0815 Inferring Sparse, Overcomplete Image Codes Using an Efficient Coding Framework,
Michael S. Lewicki and Bruno A. Olshausen
0822 Visual Navigation in a Robot Using Zig-Zag Behavior,
M. Anthony Lewis
0829 2D Observers for Human 3D Object Recognition,
Zili Liu and Daniel Kersten
0836 Self-similarity Properties of Natural Images,
Antonio Turiel, Germfin Mato, N6stor Parga and Jean-Pierre Nadal
0843 Multiresolution Tangent Distance forAffine-invariant Classification,
Nuno Vasconcelos and Andrew Lippman
0850 Phase Transitions and the Perceptual Organization of Video Sequences,
Yair Weiss

Part VIII Applications

0859 Using Expectation to Guide Processing: A Study of Three Real-World Applications,
Shumeet Baluja
0866 Structure Driven Image Database Retrieval,
Jeremy S. De Bonet and Paul A. Viola
0873 A General Purpose Image Processing Chip: Orientation Detection,
Ralph Etienne-Cummings and Donghui Cai
0880 An Analog VLSI Model of the Fly Elementary Motion Detector,
Reid R. Hamson and Christof Koch
0887 MELONET h Neural Nets for Inventing Baroque-Style Chorale Variations,
Dominik Hornel
0894 Extended ICA Removes Artifacts from Electroencephalographic Recordings,
Tzyy-Ping Jung, Colin Humphties, Te-Won Lee, Scott Makeig, Martin J. McKeown, Vicente Iragui and Terrence J. Sejnowski
0901 A Generic Approach for Identification of Event Related Brain Potentials via a Competitive Neural Network Structure,
Daniel H. Lange, Hava T. Siegelmann, Hillel Pratt and Gideon F. Inbar
0915 A Neural Network Based Head Tracking System,
Daniel D. Lee and H. Sebastian Seung
0915 Wavelet Models for Video Time-Series,
Sheng Ma and Chuanyi Ji
0922 Reinforcement Learning for Call Admission Control and Routing in Integrated Service Networks,
Peter Marbach, Oliver Mihatsch, Miriam Schulte and John N. Tsitsiklis
0929 Learning to Schedule Straight-Line Code,
Eliot Moss, Paul Utgoff, John Cavazos, Doina Precup, Darko Stefanovid, Carla Brodley and David Scheeff
0936 Enhancing Q-Learning for Optimal Asset Allocation,
Ralph Neuneier
0943 Intrusion Detection with Neural Networks,
Jake Ryan, Meng-Jang Lin and Risto Mikkulainen
0950 Incorporating Contextual Information in White Blood Cell Identification,
Xubo Song, Yaser Abu-Mostafa, Joseph Sill and Harvey Kasdan
0957 Bach in a Box--Real-Time Harmony,
Randall R. Spangler, Rodney M. Goodman and Jim Hawkins
0964 Experiences with Bayesian Learning in a Real World Application,
Peter Sykacek, Georg Dorffner, Peter Rappelsberger and Josef Zeitlhofer
0971 A Solution for Missing Data in Recurrent Neural Networks with anApplication to Blood Glucose Prediction,
Volker Tresp and Thomas Briegel
0978 Use of a Multi-Layer Perceptron to Predict Malignancy in Ovarian Tumors,
Herman Verrelst, Yves Moreau, Joos Vandewalle and Dirk Ttmmennan
0985 Modelling Seasonality and Trends in Daily Rainfall Data,
Peter M. Williams
0992 The Observer-Observation Dilemma in Neuro-Forecasting,
Hans Georg Zimmermann and Ralph Netmeier

Part IX Control, Navigation and Planning

1001 Generalized Prioritized Sweeping,
David Andre, Nit Friedman and Ronald Parr
1008 Nonparametric Model-Based Reinforcement Learning,
Christopher G. Atkeson
1015 An Improved Policy Iteration Algorithm for Partially Observable MDPS,
Eric A. Hansen
1022 Automated Aircraft Recovery via Reinforcement Learning: Initial Experiments,
Jeffrey F. Monaco, David G. Ward and Andrew G. Barto
1029 Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Stochastic Control Problems,
Remi Munos and Paul Bourgine
1036 Adaptive Choice of Grid and Time in Reinforcement Learning,
Stephan Pareigis
1043 Reinforcement Learning with Hierarchies of Machines,
Ronald Parr and Stuart Russell
1050 Multi-time Models for Temporally Abstract Planning,
Doina Precup and Richard S. Sutton
1057 How to Dynamically Merge Markov Decision Processes,
Satinder Singh and David Cohn
1064 The Asymptotic Convergence-Rate of Q-learning,
Csaba Szepesvttri
1071 Hybrid Reinforcement Learning and Its Application to Biped Robot Control,
Satoshi Yamada, Akira Watanabe and Michio Nakashima
1079 Index of Authors
1083 Keyword Index